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Yes! Komoon prides itself on not only offering a unique combination of cuisines, but also using technology to enhance the customer experience. Our servers take your order with Apple iPads and send it wirelessly to the kitchen while still at your table. This results in more accurate and quicker completion of your order.

Yes! You can place your takeout order safely and securely on this website. Just go to the Order Online page, select the location you want to order from and choose your items from the food menu. Then proceed to Checkout where you can enter your credit card information to complete your order. Once your order has been submitted, contact the location by phone to confirm receipt of your order and to make any modifications, if necessary. Your order will be ready for pickup within 45 minutes.

As a bonus for placing your order online, you will receive a FREE order of our Thai Donuts dessert!

Co-owner, Saifon Sombun is originally from Ko Samui, an island off the east coast of Thailand, which has become a very popular tourist destination. Just a few miles from Ko Samui on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, the wildly popular Full Moon Party, an all-night beach party is held on the night before and after every full moon.

By combining the words, “ko”, which means “island” in Thai, and “moon”, representing the full moon party, the name “Komoon” was born.

In 2011, owners Saifon Sombun and Paul Adrianzen, who are from Thailand and Peru, respectively, first came up with the unique concept of offering Thai & Sushi with Peruvian Ceviche, which is quickly gaining worldwide popularity as the new Sushi. Peruvian food traditionally has Asian influences as well, making it a wonderful complementary addition to delicious Thai & Sushi cuisine.

To the best of our knowledge, Komoon is the only restaurant in the region that offers this unique and wonderful combination of cuisines.

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